Monday, April 28, 2008

what i mean to say here is that considering that i do not have a myspace account, so to speak, it has happened upon me quite often today, in anecdotes and otherwise. first of all i got angry upon hearing about a dear friend's idiotic ex posting a naked picture of himself atop a waterfall on his myspace page. that was depressing for her and, hence, for me. my friend max has been calling me for a few days, leaving messages and telling me that he needs my email address. he has started a band, and they have a song called "Patty Jean". Absurd as it sounds, I wondered, as I listened to it, if it is named after me. of course it is, or else he wouldn't have been calling me repeatedly so that he could email me, "Hey Patty Jean, I started a band..." It's pretty good, underwater mumble-pop.

by circuitry i looked at max's friend's myspace page and read all of her blogs because they really just crakked me up. and i was inspired to write one of my own. however, i fear that the three people who are aware of the existence of my blog are bored of checking to see if i've blogged. cause i never do.