Monday, October 27, 2008

the front porch is icy now

on the porch, downstairs, we sat and watched bugs in the summer, i got itchy. and upstairs i wrapped myself in a blanket, you smoked a cigarette, you didn't know why. we threw beer bottles into the alley, those of us with aim aimed into a cubby, or someone else's back doorway. we talked about india, about that train that changed the people inside but stayed the same through the time zones. i dragged the telephone all the way across the hallway, kitchen, out the screen door with an old fashioned doorknob. it was warm outside, i'd bet, and the wind blew into the stairwell.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

youdon't call me no moreyou don't knock on my door

well. look here, uh huh. i have so many realizations daily, i forget most of them. at present i have several in my mind. i successfully conveyed the way in which someone magical to say the least conveyed how i feel about the sunshine overhead and the wail of a train rattle at my feet. so, sad, i vowed to put away the mind expanding book for a month or two. but i want you to read it! and you. but later, you'll be happier, i'll mail it then.

oh, but right, what did i realize? hum, well okay this isn't a realization either but i put my nose and face right up into nomi's fur when i said good bye to him earlier today, smelled him and missed him that instant. and this one. who else do i miss, now? i am completely alone but a teevee's on.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

what do people do all day?

eight hours, at least, since i woked up for good, and what, huh, did i do? well, um. ate two cloves of garlic, sliced but raw, took a sweaty bike ride, thanking my lungs for their resilience after several days of suffocation, sleepy. a book in the sun and re-potted cacti.

a list that would have been amusing but instead reminds me that i should forget all about it. tomorrow, we say, is a new day.