Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i am giving admission that several circumstances that should not be unusual but yet are have collided to make me want to express myself here, like a full moon song that maybe almost unheard, mostly it's bein heard by me, not at all ironically. i am comforted, listening for an unknown stranger and knowing i could find her with my eyes clothesed. like in some way that ten years ago and tonight balances a soothing circle, i can sit purring, emboldened.

and then, even years ago tonight also an eventual happening, somehow fateful and clumsy, you looking like someone else and i was wearing pink eye liner, a pretend version of myself, doing many of the same routines week by week and feeling as though i had nearly perfected them. i stray from a script and feel wary of reciting excited excuses twice. if by tonight this one saturn has returned, it has changed me in the rotation, i can tell you