Thursday, November 5, 2009

i am caffeinated again, finally after all these years; a drug that makes all other loves possibly, utmost. resting heavily on your shoulder i missed your eyes but remember them.

wondering of late of commas of error of poetic license, letters reversed so artic you lately. naked trees, a tiny obsession with that, the biggest leaves so that i can hardly see you hiding behind one of the smaller ones. we are sitting on a great rock in the autumn sunshine and singing an alphabet song (but not that one) and only hours before i watched a full moon to accident distraction, even bigger than a clock ticking at half mast. what i meant to emphasize was the size of the moon, shrinking by three times by the time you had woken. we are all awake now, the moon gone by noon, and hourly i find tiny remnants of prehistoric revelry: a baby dinosaur's orb!