Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a handful of new rounded black pills supposed to help me wander free and easily, rounding a small sized pit in me stomachs. doing their work, i am chosen to assume. the things that i don't have time for may directly proport to the sizes of the rooms in whence they takes place. a kitchen in a closet, and a few beets a week make it out of there at the rate that they currently go, if that. a bathtub, echoing vows of soul-mateship, a pink wall and i listen with my ear right up to it. sad to report that my beloved stimulant beverage can generally be taken in teaspoons at a time these days and i lie to pretend that i've only started slowly and swear that i'll be taking more, and accordingly thinking of more and more witty banter, if you feel like you'd like to wait for that.