Monday, July 26, 2010

walking in so many people's eyes, buzzed and jealous, i know it felt perfect, you felt exactly the same?

then tonight i found the fly swatter and almost killed what ended out to be a version of a dragonfly with less luminosity. to be more frank, transparent wings with black spots, moldy in a withering day but with the same body structure. when it landed i didn't tell it, you're dead, you're dead, but that it would be over soon, okay, a drowning death made a quick end of it. in the end it was fairly efficient all told and seemed ironic considering i'd just said a prayer and killed one of god's creatures.

and i really had, though not in so many words, meaning, you couldn't necessarily have recognized it as such. so i've professed that i'm doing the best that i can, which is inarguably true, in part. that the proverbial bar has been raised, though you may have heard me aver that i do not make promises.